Thursday, March 27, 2008

A White Girl Lynching, Pudding House Chapbook

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Here is part of the Artist’s Statement from the chapbook.

"These poems are ultimately about respect for all individuals and races. The idea of respect is shown in the reverse in many of the poems about what happens to people when they are "lynched." I interpret lynched as meaning having an important element of individual dignity taken away from an individual or group. Many of the poems are women oriented. Some uphold the right of animals to true care and respect. Other poems talk about the effects on a society of not allowing differences to be heard."

A White Girl Lynching is part of the Ohio State University Library Special Collections, SUNY/ Buffalo Lockwood Library Special Collections, Kent State University Library Special Collections, Brown University Library, and Poets House/NYC collection. A White Girl Lynching is listed in Bowker/Books in Print.

A White Girl Lynching
Poems by Elizabeth P. Glixman
Pudding House Chapbook Series
ISBN 1-58998-665-2
27 pages

Pudding House Publications
Columbus, OH 43213

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