Monday, September 15, 2008

"an absolutely unforgettable experience " Check Out the Slide Show

Hugh Hodge whose poems I posted yesterday sent me the link to pictures Sonja took on their trip to a national park in South Africa. He wrote

"A few months ago Sonja and I walked through our biggest national park with our cameras, six other people and escorted by two (armed) game rangers (there are untamed lions and other very dangerous animals in the park): an absolutely unforgettable experience (if you're interested I'll post a link to some of our pictures). No shots were fired on the three-day walk, other than by the cameras. But we were careful."

Take a look at more of these breathtaking pictures and slide show of animals in the African landscape.

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cindy silver said...

Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing those beautiful pictures from Africa. It's always uplifting to see these great creatures and to remember how crucial they are to the wonder, vitality and bio-diversity of our great Planet Earth.

Always a fan of your blog!