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March 27, 2009 Listen to Thomas Lux Talk about Poetry on the Paula Gordon Show .I Don't Know who Paula Gordon Is but Thomas Lux is a Unique Poet

God Particles is my introduction to Thomas Lux' poems. I am not sure how I feel about them. I do know that the title poem "God Particles" made an impression on me. I too wonder if God takes pity on us humans for our inadequacies.

The poems in God Particles do not shy away from the depressing and the ugly. Despite this they are life affirming to read. They are compassionate poems.

Here is a poem from the book

The Hungry Gap-Time

late August, before the harvest, every one of us worn down
by the plow, the hoe, rake,
and worry over rain.
Chicken coop confiscated
by the rats and the raptors
with nary a mouse to hunt. The corn's too green and hard,
and the larder's down
to dried apples
and double-corned cod. We lie on our backs
and stare at the blue;
our work is done, our bellies flat.
The mold on the wheat killed hardly a sheaf.
The lambs fatten on the grass, our pigs we set
to forage on their own—they'll be back
when they whiff the first shucked ears
of corn. Albert's counting
bushels in his head
to see if there's enough to ask Harriet's father
for her hand. Harriet's father
is thinking about Harriet's mother's bread
pudding. The boys and girls
splash in the creek,
which is low but cold. Soon, soon
there will be food
again, and from what our hands have done
we shall live another year here
by the river
in the valley
above the fault line
beneath the mountain.

Thomas Lux

God Particles
Houghton Mifflin

I really liked what Thomas Lux says about poetry in this interview on the Paula Gordon Show.

Lux gives credit to performance poetry for our culture's recent renewed interest in poetry and talks about why poets write.

Read the rest-Audio Interview

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