Thursday, May 14, 2009

UPDATE! Taking Poetry Public by Kiki Anderson- Poets and Writers Magazine

Adam Robinson founded the outdoor journal Is Reads. My poem A Mother and Son Conversation is part of the current issue that is posted in public places in Baltimore Maryland. I love the idea that my poem appears in an unlikely place. Not a book. I don't know who read it, if anyone read it and I don't know if the wind blew it away. The randomness of the viewing is exciting. A person might walk into a rest room or by the side of an abandoned building and see a poem never having any interest in reading poetry. What a surprise. It is like finding something ( a jewel, a needle in a haystack, an irritation, a zen koan, nonsense, profundity) in an unexpected environment. Perhaps it has a momentary effect on the reader's consciousness even if only the utterance of the words, What's that doing here? An interaction has taken place.

The online issue my poem is in is not up yet. Enjoy the previous issue.

Is Reads website

And read an article about Adam and his outdoor journal in Poets and Writers Magazine

My poem was posted in these two spots among many others.

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