Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poetry Prompt Numero Cuatro- The Big View and a Detail

Last September I took this picture. I aimed my camera toward the trees wanting to capture the changing color of the leaves. After I took it I saw that the car was in the picture. Surprise. I didn't notice the car while photographing the leaves. You can call me spacey or oblivious or a bad photographer! I like to think I was  so intent on capturing those orange yellow leaves  that I didn't see the forest from the trees. Whatever, I missed seeing something right in front of me that was part of the landscape.

Today's prompt is to  find a physical landscape (interior or exterior) and look twice, once at the overall  image of what you see, and then scan the landscape again to look at a smaller detail you did not notice at first.

Write a poem that incorporates both the landscape and the detail.