Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poetry Readings. Do you prefer reading poetry on a printed page, the computer ( a kind of printed page) or listening to audios or live performances?

I enjoy in person  poetry readings but I prefer reading a poem, savoring it, without any external embellishments the first time around. After I have read it I like to hear a poet read his or her work. I find that a person's voice often influences my reaction to a poem. I am influenced  by sound, perhaps even prejudiced by it one way or the other. I want to get over  my sound preferences when I hear a poet read a poem and my first reaction is no don't like it or wow fantastic. Hearing  a poem and listening to a poem are two different things in my opinion. If you'd like to share your view, please post a comment.

A  link about attitudes toward poetry readings.

 The Peril of the Poetry Reading: The Page Versus the Performance-