Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poetry Lovers-New Pocket Size Poetry Chapbooks/ Propaganda Press/ Elizabeth P. Glixman, Kevin M. Hibshman, Howie Good, Cee, Adam Moorad and Others

Readers of this blog may be tired of my posts about my chapbook The Wonder of It All.  Or maybe not. I've posted several times about my latest chapbook because I think chapbooks, mine and others, need more exposure. I also like the poems in this chapbook.  Yes, I admit it. I like some of my own poems. That is not always the case. I've been writing poetry for over ten years and its hasn't been a picnic. The re-writes are often difficult, many poems never see the light of day. But I love writing poems more than I don't  so I continue.

A recent review
An older post about my chapbook.

 I  also do repeat posts because the Internet is a jungle. It is often hard to maneuver its depths unless you know the intricacies of getting work visible. Often I feel like I have been dropped off by plane with only a backpack, a compass and enough water for a week and told to  find  my way out. It is a daunting task  to get out of the woods and back to civilization. So I keep posting  as I  metaphorically trudge through the jungle determined to find my way to a McDonalds and to connect to readers who enjoy  poetry.

 Today I am posting a link to my book(again) and the chapbooks of fellow poets published by Propaganda Press. I’ve read Howie Good's chapbook and Kevin Hibshman's. I enjoy both poet's poems although  they are totally different. Who says a person has to like only one style of poetry?

 For poetry lovers and those who are new to poetry, Propaganda Press  publishes a variety of themed  small chapbooks you can put in you pocket or purse and enjoy anywhere when you  have a moment.

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