Monday, June 25, 2012

Poem "Roots" in Poetica Magazine. Poetica is Available on Kindle.

We all have roots. We all come from somewhere. Like many children and grandchildren of immigrants, I am drawn to explore my cultural identity. If you've watched the TV show Who Do You Think You  Are  you will see the journey famous people take to find their roots. I am not famous so no one invited me to go on this show. I reflect on my roots, my ancestors, how I am shaped by who came before me.  I reflect through pictures, letters, bits of information handed down by my parents and relatives. I think about (imagine)what my ancestors believed, where they lived and  ask do I believe these things.When I look at old photographs from the 1800s, I search for physical resemblances.

My poem  in Poetica Magazine is about a longing to return to the "source" of who I am. Once you know that source moving forward in life becomes easier. Parts of yourself all come together in an Ah Ha moment. That has been my experience.

 Take time to read my poem and all the other poems and stories in Poetica.

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Meg & Quill said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your kind words on Fin's passing. I still miss her so much.