Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poems, Never Read Them. They Have No Relevance to My Life.

 I want to ask people who never read poems or think poetry is some wacky esoteric thing, what is it in your life that fills you with happiness, peace, curiosity, anger, rage, envy if only for a moment? Because in that moment there is poetry and a poem. You have to be kidding.  No, I am not. Poetry is  about  how we respond to the moments of each of our lives whether it is about our reactions to external events or our inner feelings and thoughts. Isn't poetry about things no one thinks about like the significance of flowers and daffodils? It could be but it doesn't  have to be and anyways what is so irrelevant about thinking about flowers? Remember the time you bought a bunch of flowers at the grocery store or from a  florist or you picked them outside in  a field or you planted them? Flowers are part of existence and everyone has an opinion about them if only they would stop and smell the roses.

I think people are uncomfortable with poetry because  they have to stop and be thoughtful when confronted with language that is not a sentence or in a song. Granted some poems have so many metaphors in them and the language has no obvious or any content or the sound is more important  than the content that it is a hard to grasp what the writer is saying. Even readers  who enjoy poems  just close the book or website. I mean if you need a book to decode a poem , well, I agree who needs poetry unless you  like intellectual challenges. The poetry that works for me and I think for anyone who will give it a chance expresses universal feeling, thought or experiences. These poems are like great songs that you can't stop singing and of course one song or one poem is one person's treasure and another person's huh?

I'm going to write more posts about poetry and why I believe people avoid reading it or go blank when asked about a poem they've read, deciding it is not  relevant to them.  I think it is a cultural thing and it is also the result of the educational system that does not encourage students to value the arts. By devaluating the arts we are devaluating our humanity. I am not saying everyone needs to read poems or love them. Everyone has valid priorities.  But it is like beets. When I was young I hated them. I  never tasted them. I didn't like the color. I was beet prejudice. Perhaps poetry has been cast typed like the beets. Poetry is for people who have a lot of time and beets are for people whose mothers make them eat them.  That is so far from the truth.  I love beets now that my mother stopped telling me to eat them. If you have the time to watch the  news you have the time to read a poem.. Poetry has been at heart of many cultures even our modern one. It is just that not everyone knows it.

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Anonymous said...

I never liked Cheese. Hated it. Horrid colour, torrid scent. Then I discovered pizza.

That was twenty years ago. Now, a good cheese platter sends shivers down my spine.

I still have problems with the smell - but I know when to have to titilate my senses with the perfect combinations.

Stilton and Strawberries. Old Gouda and Pineapple.

Great post...left me smiling. I can choose the poetry I read and write.

And when I can't, I can at least,enjoy the atmosphere.

Elizabeth said...

You are a man of taste! I enjoyed the poetry I read on your blog.

Elizabeth said...

"I can choose the poetry I read and write.

And when I can't, I can at least,enjoy the atmosphere."

Like that.

Noemi Parra said...

This is exactly how I feel about poetry! I enjoyed reading and will definitely be back. prejudice against beets remains unchallenged to this day. Perhaps you've inspired me to fix that.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you enjoyed reading this post. As for the beets, you may not be a purist when it comes to beets.There are recipes where other "good" things are added to the beets and then the whole thing tastes delicious.