Monday, June 24, 2013

Watersongline- Music, Prayer, Indigenous Sacred Songs- All Poetry

Indigenous music (including prayers and chants from many native traditions) is poetry to me.  Prayers, chants, blessings come from the heart of the creator and are presented in ceremonies with clear intentions to fill a need, to extend hope, to connect with the spirit of the land, the air and  water to uplift. They are clear sound from the yearning human soul. In this way they connect the person saying or singing them or hearing them to what is true and "real" about human need and desire, about connection and co-creation.

 Indigenous people


Sacred songs have always been away of our ancestors communing with the all above, giving gratitude, calling in the healing and renewal of self, family, friends, loved ones, communities and all our relations.
Many sacred songs are learned in ceremony. Some have been passed down for millenniums and others arise from the heart of the person. Many of the songs words may not have exact meanings, the meaning is in the intention behind the sacred sound. It is the vibration of that sound combined with the intent of the singer that holds the healing. Therefore, know that we all have sacred songs in our hearts. We can ask for them to come forward through our  prayers, meditations, and dreams. When a sacred song comes forward always remember to give gratitude to the divine source from which it sprang.
The following sacred prayer songs have been kindly shared with us. Look out as more are added."

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