Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday- Lace- Happy Valentines Day

E.P. Glixman

The challenge this week at Inspire Me Thursday is lace. Here is my poem in progress, my first draft. Since it is Valentines Day, I thought about hearts and flowers and lacy things. I guess Cupid loves lace. It is everywhere on this holiday.


You might think you've entered a room
where everything is covered
with luxurious lace. You are right
You've entered a space with signs on walls
that read
for the demure, the daring, the darling
The room is full of searching people like your neighbor
eighty year old Mrs.Rodriguez
hiding her Valentines Day hearts and flower thong
trimmed with neon pink lace in her bony hand
No one would have ever guessed

This is the way the world should be everyday
a shopping spree - a surprise-
All women are madonas goddesses
mistresses of the dark
in black lace and high heels
then there are the women who are told
not to be women
who need to take care
of their
deepest yin

This store is not a place of weeping and sighs
of threats and phrases
I am leaving you
Don't expect child support
And it is not a place where you pick up dry cleaning
or tell the judge how your significant other cheated

It is a place of
A declaration

I am a lover of lace and soft things
at Angela's Lingerie store

E.P. Glixman

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namesconnie said...

Nice photo and poem. Loved how you ended it, too. Sincerely, Connie