Saturday, December 12, 2015

12/12/15 New Blog Title- A Writer and Artist in the Moment: I Can Do Two Things At the Same Time- Going With the Flow

Many years ago I made art like a person breathes air. I was completely enamored with the process of placing color and line on paper and canvas. I went to art school and received a BFA degree and years later became certified to teach art in the public school system. One of my greatest joys was cutting wood to make stretcher sticks for large canvases, stretching the canvas, gessoing it and applying the paint.

I also have been a life long lover of the written word. Another great pleasure is reading fiction and poetry and so I began to write stories. Then I began to write poetry. I was completely enamored with that too. My art was left for the most part by the side of the street. Lately it has been hollering at me. Oh, no! Where to put my attention?

I've decided. I can do both. I can't ignore both sides of my creative coin.

Some days you will see my art and art I love on this blog and other days poetry.
This blog will be about both words and images. That's my decision today.

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