Monday, December 21, 2015

12/21/15 One Too Many Robo Calls

I've been getting robo calls lately. Too many. I think everyone has. The robo callers have ramped up the calls this holiday season. A few years ago I had a bunch of these calls too and like any person who is wordy, I wrote a poem to tell someone, anyone how I felt about the calls and the caller Rachel.

This is a poem about technological powerlessness. You can't do much in the face of anonymity. There is no one to respond to only a dial tone. This feeling is like the feeling I imagine the man in the movie "Her " felt when the voice he loved  said it was over.

Even though the poem is not recent and todays four  time caller's name is Brittany, it doesn't matter. It was and is all the same experience. Brittany might be Rachael in disguise. She sounds like the same voices on the GPS system my friend has.

 This poem was published in Frigg in 2013.

It’s Me—Rachel
Elizabeth P. Glixman

The phone rings
It’s Rachel again
with her voice that sparkles
like blue mouthwash
She could tell you anything
She could be the news anchor
telling you about a mass killing
say it with her white bright teeth showing
the edges of her lips curved upward
Her voice could give Chris Matthews’ leg
a tingle.

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