Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27/15 Flowers

I never get tired of looking at flowers whether they are flower images on household objects, clothing, furniture or the real deal flowers: wildflowers, exotic hot house or tropical flowers (Orchids), indoor flowers on plants like African Violets or flowers on weeds like Jewelweed.

Beside the beauty inherent in flowers and their often alluring odors especially to bees and birds, they offer other benefits. Folklore says you can use the juice of Jewelweed for the itch of poison ivy. I tired  using it on a rash once and the rash did disappear. There is truth in tales passed down the medicinal generational tree.


My grandmother on my maternal side was a millinery and had a fabric store.  Her husband upholstered furniture for many years. I inherited fabric (lots of chintz with floral patterns*) from my grandmother and also a love of making things from her and my grandfather. My grandmother was from the Victorian era where flowers were on lots of things and held certain meaning besides  their visual beauty.

Here are a few of my flower pictures.

 Here is a very old Christmas Cactus that lives with me. She bloomed the whole month of December in honor of the  season.

All Images Copyrighted  Elizabeth P. Glixman


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