Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/13/15 I Am Not a One Trick Pony - New Art

First of all I don't want to insult any ponies. Ponies who know how to do one thing are perfectly fine. It is okay to do one thing. I've learned from watching horse whisperer type movies at Netflix that there are horses that are trained for one task like barrel racers at rodeos and dressage horses and roping horses so I repeat there is nothing wrong with doing one task and doing it well or learning to do it well. It takes practice and time.

 I don't know if there are horses who do multiple things. If anyone reads this and knows, please comment.

 Back to people. I believe it is best to focus on one thing. That is my dream. Be a novelist. Be a poet. Be an artist. Be a potter. When you keep at one thing the mysteries of that "thing" begin to reveal themselves, newness arrives.  In the previous post I mentioned my writer/ artist dilemma  and my decision to have a writer/ artist blog. So here goes. Ta Da. First art post.

© 2015 Elizabeth P. Glixman

 I am into texture and color in new work. I  have a series of these abstract images called That's A Wrap. I  used fabric and ribbon in this  8" x 10" piece. I want the pieces in this series to be eye candy and hand candy (if there is such a thing). Of course I don't want  viewers to touch the art but I want them to imagine how it will feel.

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Nonnie Augustine said...

Gorgeous, warm, and reassuringly personal blog. I love your work and had no idea you've published so many books!