Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Copyright 2008 A.Coven
Copyright 2008 A. Coven

Nothing makes me happier than to be in the woods or in a field or in my friend's front yard (where these photos were taken) surrounded by nature and it vast spectrum of colors.Thats' why I read blogs by people who are into "green" living. I want the earth to stay " green." I want flowers to bloom and animals and people to stop being poisoned by the errors of human thought.

Many people do not believe global warming is real. Many of these people want to drill in Anwar for oil. Read the arguments pro and con. This site has mostly a conservative pro- drilling attitude.

Defenders of Wildlife are anti-drilling.
I am not a scientist and I haven't read all the data that supports global warming or rejects it. I do believe that going green is a good idea no matter what the reality. There are carcinogenics in certain cleaning products, other chemicals that are not people friendly in construction materials, and pesticide residue in foods. Going green also can reduce energy consumption and reduce our sole dependence on electricity and oil which is good thing when the cost of a gallon of gas could reach $5.00 this year.

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Stefanie said...

Thank you for the link!

I, too, enjoy the woods, especially. There's something mysterious and even romantic about walking through all those trees... it's just beautiful.

I think gas WILL reach $5.00 this year in many places. I know in some places it is up past $4.50 right now.