Friday, May 16, 2008

Would You Be Upset If Someone Said You Had Stainless Steel Thighs?

Take a look at the Hillary Clinton Nutcracker.

How do many women feel about Hillary Clinton's treatment in this election? You can click on this link and find out.

And check out NARAL blog link on Guerilla Women. Over 3,000 people posted on the NARAL website to show either suport or anger at their endorsement of Obama.

It is my belief that the feminine is abhored, disrespected and ridiculed in our patriarchal culture and sexism is alive and well. It is so ingrained in many peoples' (both women and men) thought processes, they can't see it. Too many women equate sexual freedom with being free not seeing they are still de- personalized sexual objects and second class citizens. I think Clinton's campaign has many problems besides the blatant sexist media, but I do think her campaign has shown this country is not ready for a woman president. Women have the vote but what huge strides have we made? Some women feel the way Clinton has been treated has set the Women's Rights Movement back.
Here is a disgusting comparison I just thought of- Sexism is a pimple and it is coming to a head.
Will angry women affect the outcome of the Democratic primaries?

And another thing to ponder. Are Republicans ( in part) responsible for Obama's rise to power?


Rachel Fox said...

I don't read the silly magazines much but last week I was in the optician and picked up some silly celebrity nonsense magazine (that has a lot of readers in the UK - mainly female). On every page there was a variation on the theme 'she is too thin/she is too fat' along with all the usual horrible photos. It isn't a magazine about slimming but that was pretty much the only theme and there are soooo many magazines and papers like it in the UK. The obsession with how women look (rather than what they do or say) is worse than ever, it seems.

Elizabeth said...

"The obsession with how women look (rather than what they do or say) is worse than ever, it seems."

Yes, it does seem that way. The media influences how women feel about themselves. The movie The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep showed how influential the fashion industry can be( magazines, movies, and TV are a big part of their platform). Women, culture, and self-image is a huge topic as is what is considered attractive by both sexes. Some of this may not be cultural.Whatever the cause, I wish the obsession would go away.